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Nord VPN Review

In the realm of online technology, Internet security and privacy have emerged as major concerns. The prevalence of cyberattacks and government restrictions has made it increasingly difficult to fully enjoy the benefits of seamless streaming, torrents, and online gaming on a global scale.

In response to these challenges, many individuals are seeking refuge in virtual private networks (VPNs). However, the abundance of options on the internet makes it a daunting task to identify the most suitable one for individual needs.

Enter NordVPN, a solution that offers robust security measures to safeguard your personal information while granting access to various platforms. With a wide network of servers spread across international locations, you can enjoy fast and reliable server speeds. One notable advantage is that NordVPN refrains from logging your browsing activity, providing an additional layer of protection against prying eyes.


Nord VPN is running a special offer on purchase of 2 years with 68% off + 3 months extra. This offer is valid till Oct 18 2023.

NordVPN offers a range of packages with different durations and prices, all providing excellent value for the high-quality service they deliver. For a one-month plan, the cost is $12.99 without any discounts.

Alternatively, you can opt for a one-year plan at a total cost of $59.88, which amounts to $4.99 per month. This option offers a significant 62% savings compared to the one-month plan. For even greater savings, the two-year plan is available at a total cost of $95.76, equivalent to just $3.99 per month. This represents a substantial 70% discount compared to the one-month option and includes three free months.

The longer you commit to the service, the more cost-effective it becomes in the long run. NordVPN offers a risk-free trial period of 30 days. During this time, if you find the features unsatisfactory, you can request a full refund. However, if you choose a longer subscription period beyond the initial 30 days and later decide to cancel, you won’t be eligible for a refund.


NordVPN boasts an impressive network of over 5,000 servers worldwide, all of which consistently deliver fast speeds, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. A key factor contributing to its exceptional performance is Nordlynx, a technology that optimizes internet speeds at all times. Unlike some VPN providers, NordVPN does not impose any speed limitations, although, as with any VPN, there may be a slight impact on performance.

Having sufficient internet speed with NordVPN eliminates any limitations while using the service. Without a VPN, your internet service provider (ISP) might have the ability to manipulate certain connections, censor content, or block access to certain websites. NordVPN ensures that your internet speed remains at an optimal level while safeguarding your privacy. This enables you to browse and stream all the content you desire at the highest quality available, without any hindrance or compromise.


NordVPN owes much of its success to its extensive server network. With a remarkable presence of over 5,000 servers across 60 different countries, NordVPN guarantees the fastest speeds possible, accompanied by unlimited bandwidth. The multitude of servers in various countries ensures a reliable and trusted connection at all times.

One notable advantage of NordVPN is the absence of data caps, liberating users from concerns about limitations on their internet activities. The abundance of servers further contributes to a stable and consistent connection, providing users with a seamless online experience.

Moreover, NordVPN’s vast server network allows it to navigate through countries where internet access might be restricted or manipulated. By doing so, NordVPN opens up avenues for individuals who otherwise would face obstacles in accessing certain online content.

Another compelling feature is NordVPN’s ability to simultaneously connect up to six devices using a single account. This means users can connect as many devices as their router can handle, ensuring all their devices are secured and protected while using NordVPN’s services.

User Experience – PC

NordVPN stands out for its user-friendly and easily accessible platforms, available on both desktop and laptop devices. One of the most attractive features is the Quick Connect button, simplifying the VPN experience even for those unfamiliar with VPN technology. With just a click, users can connect to NordVPN’s servers and easily switch between them using an interactive map.

For those unsure about which location to choose, NordVPN keeps its specialized servers at the top of the list, ensuring quick and hassle-free connections. This makes it convenient for users to access the services they need without any complications.

NordVPN’s dedication to enhancing the user experience extends to various platforms, offering apps that cater to different operating systems. Whether on Windows, macOS, or other platforms, NordVPN ensures a smooth and seamless experience for all users.

Furthermore, NordVPN provides browser plugins for both Firefox and Chrome, making it even more convenient for users to protect their online activities and enjoy the benefits of a VPN while browsing the internet. This commitment to user accessibility and satisfaction makes NordVPN a solid choice for anyone seeking a reliable and user-friendly VPN service.

User Experience – Mobile Apps

NordVPN ensures that its mobile apps share many design features with the desktop and laptop versions, facilitating a seamless transition for users without unnecessary obstacles.

The compatibility of NordVPN extends to a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This diverse support ensures that users can enjoy NordVPN’s services without worrying about device compatibility. The user-friendly interface further enhances the overall experience across different platforms.

While the mobile app maintains consistency between Android and iOS versions, there are some differences in the available protocols. Android users can utilize the OpenVPN protocol, while iOS users have the additional option of using IKEv2. Due to Apple’s stricter security policy, iOS users have access to specialty servers like Onion Over VPN and P2P. On the other hand, Android users can enjoy an even wider range of options, including Double VPN, dedicated IP servers, obfuscated servers, and P2P support.

In summary, NordVPN offers a versatile and easy-to-use mobile experience across various devices, ensuring that users can enjoy a secure and reliable VPN service without compatibility issues.

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